• The genius of the Steadyrack storage product had already set this inventive WA brand on the path to success when we partnered with them. The first focus was to put the Shopify Plus platform in place.

  • A full move away from WooCommerce to Shopify was quick to follow, with Shopify Plus giving Steadyrack the systems the business needed to launch different online stores for different international markets.

    Other challenges followed, from financial and currency solutions to helping customers better understand the benefits and setup options of the product.

Shopify Plus for fast growth & high volume brands.

While Steadyrack has grown quickly, like most success stories, the path from starting up to international expansion with Shopify Plus, didn't exactly happen over night.

  • The idea.

    David Steadman was a successful home builder who had an idea for a better way to store the family bikes.

    A keen rider himself, 'Steady' developed the concept, started prototyping, and went into production of the first 'Steadyracks', back in circa 2015.

  • Wholesale.

    Selling Steadyracks to businesses for office end of trip facilities was the starting focus and the racks became popular quickly, as smart, easy to use and space saving bike storage.

    Steadyrack's first foray into D2C was on WooCommerce.

  • Scaling up.

    When the time was right to scale and optimise online performance for B2B and D2C, Steadyrack chose Shopify.

    This switch turned into a full treansfoirmation and a move to Shopify Plus for the international expansion stores and Shopify B2B features.

  • B2B & D2C.

    Steadyrack's product is a genuine, game-changing invention, and brand new tech. That helps drive their success and building the brand with a focus on strong B2B foundations was a smart move.

    Find Wholesale clients to achieve sales volume, and then add D2C and build your brand's connection with consumers.

  • Going global.

    Ecommerce offers brands the chance to make world domination a reality, and often the USA market is the goal.

    Start selling internationally from Shopify Core and from there, a move to Shopify Plus gives your business up to 9 expansion stores to take your products into different countries with culturally-specific content, currencies and more.

  • Strategic growth.

    Start at the start and build your brand on strong foundations. Test and experiment to find out what works.

    Refine your products and get solid processes in place. Find and understand your markets and customers and then start to plan your growth.

    Ecommerce offers opportunity to scale up, and your metrics hold the key. Start with the numbers and use them to direct your growth plans.

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