Roogenic is renowned across Australia for health-giving products made from native ingredients. This brand chose our specialist ecommerce team to redesign their Shopify store and reimagine online shopping experiences for their customers.

  • Roogenic is a well established brand with products based on native and natural Australian ingredients and a network of 700+ physical retail locations around the country.

    Their Shopify store had been outgrown by the brand and was no longer delivering the right level of customer experience.

  • Our focus was to redesign to reflect their new branding, improve the shopping for their customers and tap into new revenue drivers.

    The new Roogenic Shopify store went live in September 2023.

  • Brand & aesthetics.

    With a rebrand being created by the Roogenic design team, the new Shopify store was the vehicle to bring the new brand to life.

    Combining the new 'look and feel' with improved customer shopping experiences, and features that drive conversion and revenue was the focus.

    Our team understand branding and love to collaborate to maximise outcomes and performance.

  • Healthy revenue.

    With healthy products that are consumed daily by their customers (think herbal teas and natural supplements), Roogenic is perfect for subscription sales.

    Implement subscription sales and 'Up Sells' for your health and wellness brand to drive revenue.

    Keep your approach customer-centric and put them first with the most helpful options you can think of for them.

  • Physical stores too.

    Any brand with physical stores or in-person shopping experiences has great opportunity to combine the two channels. Use your physical store to capture the contact data of your customers, and channel them into your ecommerce ecosystem.

    When your customers can shop with you again, from their phone, you'll definitely be driving revenue growth.

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