Mode & Affaire.

For those creative souls who are driven to create cutting edge fashion brands, our work for Mode & Affaire covers a Shopify store restructure to present 3 sub-brands on their own 'micro-sites' to simplify and streamline shopping experiences for the fashion conscious.

  • Fashion brands are often presenting large and varied online clothing catalogues to a diverse audience. Even offering fashion clothing to both men and women means different site sections, approaches and customer experiences with your brand online. For Perth fashion brand Mode & Affaire, their challenges were even more complicated.

  • With a fashion product offering that had naturally diversified from women's fashion into bridal and ball gowns, and kids ranges too, Mode & Affaire needed to offer 3 different customer journeys on their Shopify store.

    The answer is creating 3 distinct 'zones' for each customer group with clear Calls To Action that lead each group to a micro-site within the main Shopify store. Think of your customer journeys this way and create bespoke experiences for each group of people and the products they love your brand for.

  • Conventional wisdom.

    People are used to certain ecommerce conventions when shopping online.

    Don't sacrifice these in the name of 'creativity' because you run a high risk of reducing conversion rates and revenue growth if you create an online store that confuses your customers with the unexpected.

  • Creative balance.

    The foundational purpose of any online store is Engagement, Conversion and Retention.

    Retain the proven strategies that increase performance in these 3 areas, and then get creative where you have the opportunity to create edgy ways to surprise and delight your customers.

  • Online fashion options.

    Your customers get options from your fashion brand in terms of colours, prints, sizes and styles.

    Make it simple, logical and intuitive for them to find the right product variants for their aesthetics, style and fit. Get this right to maximise customer happiness and minimise returns and complaints.

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