Half Price Blinds.

Helping this traditional retailer make the move to Shopify and give their customers the ability to choose complex blinds products online.

  • This project is relevant to retail business owners and marketers. If you're frustrated with an outdated online store, and ready to make the change to a progressive platform that is flexible, and growth-focussed, please read on.

  • Our team collaborated with the Half Price Blinds team, and their long-time marketing agency, to help them make this move. With every 'migration', careful consideration of risks and challenges is important. As well as making improvements to features, functionality and customer experience, our focus is on a smooth and successful migration process

  • Migration Stability

    For any established business, stability and security are key to a successful ecommerce migration. The focus is on thorough planning to achieve data integrity and a seamless switch to the new platform, for business stakeholders and customers.

  • Data Migration

    For any established business migrating to a new platform, the transfer of data must be taken very seriously. In most cases, large amounts of business-critical information need to be accurately transferred to the new platform. This can include data on customers, products, orders etc. And an SEO migration is also very important, to maintain current rankings.

  • Product Builder

    Blinds are complex products and for this project we created a custom feature that allows Customers to specify their blinds online, including window measurements, styles, materials, mechanisms and more. To then create their final, individual product, accurately priced and ready to order for a smooth and intuitive buying process.

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