• If you are a business owner, ecommerce or product manager, or marketer for a health and wellness brand looking for ways to grow online sales, please read on...

    While we focus on Western Australia, our skillset allows us to engage with businesses anywhere in the world. Boka is a USA brand, with their team spread across different states, from California to Wyoming.

  • We're grateful to be working with them and have collaborated seamlessly through this complex redesign project.

    Boka's challenges and objectives centred around a lack of control and access to their own content due to 'hard-coded' content sections and features. Plus, they had an ambitious list of design and feature customisations with a focus on improving Customer experience, optimising conversion rates and revenue generation.

Healthier revenue for health & wellness.

Boka is a brand that was already doing 'good numbers' when they chose our team at The Cut. With strong foundations, the focus was on a redesign to make improvements for their team, and their customers.

  • Content control.

    Every business should have access to their own online store to manage updates, edits and add new content. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Fast fixes and hard coding can rob business owners and teams of access and control. That ain't right, so don't stand for it.

  • Mindful redesign.

    Giving the Boka team maximum control over their site content was a key objective of the redesign. This is the way it should be, with all sections accessible via the Shopify admin and customiser. Demand the same from your online store designer so you can manage your own content, without outside help.

  • Revenue features.

    New and improved features designed to drive revenue are also key. How? Good question. In short, with this online health and wellness brand, the focus is on subscription sales and up selling. Giving customers clear and attractive options through the buying process, with a focus on mobile, will drive revenue growth for your brand.

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