• If you are a business owner, ecommerce or product manager or marketer for a business in the medical, health, wellness and fitness sectors, please read on...

    As Perth Shopify specialists and the only Shopify Plus Partner Agency in WA, The Cut were asked to help AMA Medical Products optimise their Shopify store to help them take advantage of significant growth before and during the pandemic.

  • With a small team focussed on managing their business, products, suppliers and clients, the people at AMA Medical Products wanted a specialist ecommerce team to help their business by solving challenges, optimising site performance, evolving systems and processes and planning the launch of a dedicated online Wholesale channel.

Presenting large catalogues simply.

AMA run a large product catalogue of products, with many product categories. One of our first focus points was the site navigation and the presentation of product categories and products in intuitive and accessible ways on all screen sizes.

  • Make it easy.

    Online customers are impatient and moving quickly and often shop from their mobile phones. Large product catalogues present challenges to the simple presentation of collections and individual products. Getting this right will increase engagement and sales conversions.

  • Content Hierarchy.

    We worked closely with AMA to understand the priority and popularity of products and categories with their customers. With this information, we restructured the navigation and home page to present the collections and products most customers are looking for to create an 'intuitive' customer shopping experience.

  • Design & communication.

    When you need to present multiple options to your customers on your ecommerce store, simplicity and clarity are key to making your online store engage and convert effectively. For AMA, we used contrasting colours for buttons and icons to communicate product types quickly.

  • How to Wholesale.

    There are two ways to approach online Wholesale - With a 'portal' from the D2C site. Or, with a separate and dedicated Wholesale store. For AMA Medical Products, a dedicated Wholesale store was the best solution.

  • Wholesale-specific.

    Deciding on the best online Wholesale approach for your business may come down to the size and sophistication of your Wholesale customers. If you need to deliver a larger and more sophisticated online buying experience, then a Wholesale-specific store is the best approach.

  • Wholesale portal.

    If your focus is on Direct to Consumer (D2C) sales, and your Wholesale clients are happy with a simpler process for buying online, then a Wholesale portal may be the best solution for you. As with all things, the right solution is the one that fits your business, products and customers best.

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