• For beauty and wellness business owners and ecommerce teams, take a closer look for insights into a health and beauty brand with a strong vision and healthy, fun-loving growth...

    The vision of the founders of this brand is all in the name. These sun and surf loving coastal dwellers in WA's south west wanted to create sunscreen that's safe, healthy and effective. They made that happen, and that was just the start...

  • We Are Feel Good Inc. (aka 'Feel Good') combined traditional distribution into bricks and mortar stores, with D2C sales via Shopify.

    That combination, blended with a lovely looking brand and some key points of difference, has created a healthy formula for success, and super cool sun protection for, well, most people.

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Finding the right time to evolve & grow your ecommerce.

Feel Good chose our team at the point where there first website was a little tired, and the brand team had insights and ideas for a new store that did more for their Customers, and the brand itself.

  • Stores get tired too.

    No website will last forever. They all get tired after time, and what works in the early days of your online store in unlikely to be the best for your business as you evolve and grow.

    That was the case with Feel Good. The time was right for a full redesign and a move to Shopify's Online Store 2.0.

  • Customers & brand.

    Feel Good's motivations focused on two key areas - improving customer shopping experiences, and bringing their true branding to life online with the new design.

    Being customer-centric first will always pay dividends, and your brand is one of your most powerful tools to engage, convert and retain.

  • Customise carefully.

    Most of our projects use carefully chosen themes as a starting point, and then we apply customisations where they give the most value to the business in terms of driving engagement, conversion and retention.

    This 'hybrid' approach worked for Feel Good to create a new Shopify store that makes online shopping more intuitive for their customers, and more on-brand for everyone.

  • Recurring revenue.

    Subscription sales are the prime opportunity for health and wellness brands like Feel Good. For any brand with products that people consume, use up and need more of, subscriptions should be a go-to strategy.

    Get Subscription sales activated on your ecommerce store today. No, make that yesterday!

  • Love loyalty.

    Beauty brands (the good ones anyway) tend to inspire loyalty in their customers. Best case scenario? Think Mecca. Ecommerce offers sophisticated loyalty program options to brands of all shapes and sizes.

    Inspire loyalty with quality products and service and then reward your loyal customers for helping you achieve more growth.

  • You unique.

    Find the unique points of difference that your brand offers in the form of ingredients, effectiveness, attitude or personality. Or a combination of these key compelling factors.

    Help your customers understand what makes your health and wellness products amazing. It gives them reasons to love you.

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