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Businesses in the food sector choose us because we create satisfying solutions & simplify ecommerce complexities.

  • Since 2009

    Founded in 2009 by Directors Ben De Jonge and Scott Sanders, today, The Cut is the only Shopify Plus partner agency in Western Australia.

    A team of dedicated Shopify ecommerce specialists is here to help you and your business learn more, switch to Shopify, develop growth strategies, implement new features and make the best solutions for growth happen.

  • You deserve specialists

    You can add our team of Shopify and ecommerce experts to your own team, equipping your brand with the insights, strategies, technologies and support you need to thrive online.

    Choose us for a partnership built on specialist skills, trust, innovation, and one focus - turning your ecommerce challenges into growth opportunities.

Do these ecommerce challenges sound familiar?

Ecommerce for food and drinks comes with unique challenges, and we’re here to help with issues like these.

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No ecommerce specialists on your team?

Add our people to your team. With specialists in Shopify, strategy, design and development, we can give your business the ecommerce expertise you're missing.

Not enough people to make progress?

We have options that allow your small team to focus on what they do best while our ecommerce experts handle your ecommerce complexities and implement new tactics for growth.

Complex order rules frustrating your online customers?

We can help streamline your complex order rules, enhance customer communication and boost your store's user experience.

Dealing with the complexities of a large product catalogue?

We have category and product strategies to streamline navigation, collections and filtering, plus optimising for mobile to make it easier for customers to find what they want to buy from you.

Need help with complex product Subscription rules?

We can help simplify and automate product Subscriptions to improve customer communication, grow conversions and increase retention rates.

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